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About the Practitioner

               Bill Jacques, MHH, LMT, CPT

          - Masters in Holistic Health (MHH)
Licensed Massage Therapist - Florida #MA66713 (LMT)
          - Advanced Myofascial Release Specialist (John Barnes)
          - Certified Personal Trainer (NASM) (CPT)
          - Nutritional / Wellness Consultant


Focused on helping people discover natural approaches to health and wellness. Currently working as an Advanced Myofascial Release Specialist,  Medical Researcher, Holistic Health Educator and Licensed Health Practitioner.

As a Medical Researcher and Holistic Health Educator, Bill stays on the cutting edge.  Scientists for the past 50 years said it was impossible to create stablized redox signaling molecules outside of the body... but a company named ASEA is now offering a major scientific breakthrough in redox signaling. With over 30 patents, 16 years of research and over $29M in research... this product stunned the medical research community. Sets of reactive molecules are created and stabilized outside the body... this product re-establishes communications at the molecular level. Providing much improved cellular communication, speeds up healing, gives you better mental focus, improves sleep, improves performance... in effect they flip the switch back on in your immune system...  and activates your body's natural antioxidant system. Bill has been using this product since March 2010 and will use it everyday for the rest of his life... " this is my personal health insurance that is slowing down my aging process and helping me to be pain free and feeling young."  ASEA Review

Also as a Holistic Health Practitioner, Bill specializes in systemic enzyme therapy, electro-dermal screening (stress analysis), advanced myofascial release, colon hydro-therapy, homeopathy, weight management and detoxification strategies currently a Wellness Consultant with Myofascial Release Venice, PLLC.   

Bill earned a Masters in Holistic Health through Trinity College of Natural Health in 1999. He spent 8 ½ years as co-owner of Living-in-Balance Wellness Center in Scottsdale, AZ… helping people eliminate pain and normalize health issues.

Bill earned a massage certification through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Florida.  (MA66713)

Bill's main speciality is Advanced Myofascial Release, studied under John Barnes (Sedona, AZ) Myofascial Release courses and has integrate them with a variety of release techniques to create individualized therapeutic sessions for his clients with chronic pain that quickly facilitates their healing.  He's had a very successful and busy practice for the past 15 years.

Bill also is a Certified Colon Hydro-therapist through I-ACT (International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy), owned and operated several Hydro-Sans+ colon hydro therapy machines and continue to work with clients in detox and nutritional coaching... although no longer doing colon therapy for clients.

Bill is also certified in the use of Lymphatic Drainage Techniques… using the LymphStarPro as well as completing in-depth studies in electro-dermal screening using the BodyScan 2010 for the past 16 years.

Bill is committed to educating and empowering clients in the use of natural approaches to health and wellness... and will be offering a series of Wellness Workshops again in 2017.


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